Our partner:

In 2008, E-CAPS became the contractual partner of FREQUENTIS, an austrian high-tech company that develops communication and information solutions for safety-critical applications. It offers its control centre solutions, products and services world-wide to a broad range of customers acting in various mission-critical fields. These fields include Air Traffic Management (civil and military air traffic control) and Public Safety and Transport (police, rescue and fire services, coastal rescue, railways, shipping, and others). 


Frequentis is also a founding shareholder of GroupEAD Europe S.L. that is the service provider company operating the European Aeronautical Database on behalf of EUROCONTROL, to which it is to deliver the first common voice communications systems. 

E-CAPS provides IT consulting services and migration support for the European AIS Database (EAD) - the world´s largest Aeronautical Information System that represents a major step towards a Single Sky for Europe.