What is a Hybrid Cloud?

A robust and secure IT infrastructure design is paramount for the success of hybrid cloud solutions. We exclusively host our private and public cloud services in certified data centers located in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia, ensuring top-notch security and reliability. Our hybrid cloud solutions are built on a foundation of secure network connections, seamlessly linking different IT systems across various environments. This allows for efficient workload migration, catering to IT strategies that prioritize consolidation and flexible scaling. In orchestrating this seamless transition, we meticulously consider various infrastructure components, such as network connectivity, cloud service capacity, and security protocols, to ensure a cohesive and secure hybrid cloud ecosystem.

Why Use a Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud marries the strengths of traditional cloud systems, offering a blend of local infrastructure with private or public cloud solutions. This combination yields significant advantages, such as heightened flexibility and cost reduction. Private cloud solutions are tailor-made for specific companies, ensuring dedicated resources and security. On the other hand, public cloud solutions provide a shared platform, offering more adaptable capacity management and reduced expenses due to economies of scale.

Build Your Perfect Hybrid Cloud with NEOcloud

Trust NEOcloud to deliver a comprehensive solution for a secure and efficient IT infrastructure. With years of expertise, we've refined our products to ensure seamless integration from your local infrastructure to our certified data centers. We utilize E-CAPS's high-availability fiber optic network to provide a reliable connection and smooth operations, offering you the ideal hybrid cloud experience.