E-CAPS Limited Liability Company, Novi Sad

The speed and efficiency of implementing up-to-date information and communication technology is a fundamental condition for market success. E-CAPS was registered on June 16, 2008, at the Serbian Business Registers Agency, as a company specializing in solutions and consulting in the field of information technology.

What does "E-CAPS" stand for?

Experts in Consistency, Availability, Performance, and Security

From our front-line support to implementation and integration, our consistency in delivery and structure, and our focus on our clients' goals are unwavering. Our steadfast commitment fosters reliability; from reliability comes trust. In turn, our clients achieve maximum consistency and gain the trust of their customers, allowing them to thrive.

Our solutions guarantee availability and uptime. Your business cannot afford downtime; revenue lost due to unplanned outages and the lack of proper redundancy can be devastating in today's economy. Our robust facilities, resilient network, and expertise in building highly-available systems enable us to deploy solutions with built-in fault tolerance that provide essential business continuity and disaster recovery options.

Achieve more with less. If your systems are slow, it's just as bad or worse than being down. A slow web presence is an opportunity for a competitor to steal your customers. Our high-performance solutions maximize the return on investment in your current infrastructure and allow your business to fulfill its customers' needs.

Every year, companies around the world lose vast amounts of money due to malfunctions in information systems caused by virus attacks. A company must maintain continuity of availability, an ability that is a major condition for successful business operations and the opening of new markets.