IPv6 Migration

The future of the ways we electronically communicate had radically changed recently: since the depletion of available pools of IPv4 addresses, the moment of migration to IPv6 addressing shifted from a possibility to an inevitable move. E-CAPS can help you seamlessly migrate to IPv6 addressing, while all of your services keep pace and functionality. E-CAPS will organise your addressing according to your needs, while mitigating problems that can occur when such a fundamental segment of communication is being shifted.

E-CAPS can provide you with both "dual-stack" mixed IPv4 and IPv6 addressing solutions, and sole IPv6 solutions, all depending on you needs and your business plans. Our employees posses extensive knowledge of electronic communication addressing, so we can make sure that the new standard addressing quickly becomes a well-handled component of your business, too. IPv6 is an extremely rich and versatile environment, that can be hard to fully comprehend and organise, but E-CAPS already has all it takes to introduce the best of IPv6 addressing to you.