»Embracing of the VoIP technology is not a dilemma - the only question is how soon.«

The combination of IP communication technology for data, picture and voice transfer presents scalable solution, that offers numerous advances and becomes attractive and payable solution for businesses of all kinds.

Essentially, Voice over IP is about making your calls over existing information technology infrastructure. Our enabling technologies can join your existing telephony solution with an upgrade of your possibilities, so you would be able to make apparently ordinary calls much cheaper and in a more organised and controlled manner. Or, we can create a parallel telephony solution for your business, with flexibility and services you would not be able to buy on general market. Your operational costs are going to drop, while flexibility and benefits take over as main characteristics of your telephony. Almost all of the extra-features, that telecommunication companies charge extra for, will be available to your business, at costs that you control, including video calls, conferencing, call forwarding and great management.

At E-CAPS, we know that embracing of VoIP is not a dilemma - the only question that remains for you to answer is "How soon"? How soon is now? Contact us now and inquire about our VoIP solutions, and pretty soon you will be making calls for just a fraction of price you are paying today for your telephony.