Storage systems

Storage is a part of information technology that primarily takes care of the most important thing for customers that use computing - their data. The storage is an indispensably necessary segment of any IT system, because it is the place where your data lives.

E-CAPS offers to customers various storage solutions, that all have one thing in common: unsurpassed quality. E-CAPS knows how to provide all of the solutions to keep your data safe and ready; from RAIDs, to backup, and disaster and recovery systems, E-CAPS offers quality solutions. High Availability storages with dynamic multi-path, and clusters and distributed file systems are also part of our offer.  

E-CAPS provides solutions that take care of transmission of your data between systems and storage, of storing the data and controlling the data in the process, and of placement of data in a manner that makes your data always ready for your applications. Contact E-CAPS, and inquire about standard SAN and NAS solutions, and ask for consultancy for customised solutions, too.