Load Balancing

The times when a single server was sufficient to process all of the requirements of a modern business have gone, and nowadays when a site goes down it means that a business goes down down, too. In time, IT personnel learned to use various methods of handling of traffic to make sure a business is always reachable, but even the best of those surrogates, like a round-robin DNS, that distributes traffic more evenly, has limitations: unpredictable load distribution, caching issues, and lack of proper fault-tolerance measures are just a few to mention.

E-CAPS can help you there with our Load Balancing Systems, that allow your infrastructure and code deliver the content in a most evenly distributed manner, so you do not have to buy more and more power to keep your scaling uninterrupted. Out Load Balancers intercept traffic, split the traffic into requests that can be easily manipulated, watch your traffic ensuring your servers are always responsive, take care of fail-overs, and offer content-aware parsing, inspection and distribution of your traffic.

Moreover, E-CAPS Load Balancing Systems allow you to work on "live" systems, adding or removing servers to a site at any time, with immediate effects. With our Load Balancing solutions, you will be able to conduct maintenance of your servers even during the peek-hours, intelligently drive traffic the way you want it, parse the traffic, and much more. Besides flexibility, you will achieve high availability of your business, because our Load Balancing Systems allow you rotate your servers in an arbitrary manner, and, unlike with round-robin solutions, keep all of the control of all of your systems, all of the time. Finally, economy behind scalability you get with our Load Balancing can save you a lot: load balancing on your middle-ware can be a money saviour compared to prices of high-end servers that would be required to do a job properly. Contact us for more information on our Load Balancing Systems.