Quality of Service  (QoS)

There is difference in data you daily process in your business - some of it should be prioritised because you need it, and some of it should be prioritised simply because it runs better.

At E-CAPS, we understand the requirements of different data transportation, at the deepest levels of transport; we know what to do when you have video, voice and critical data flowing all in the same time, through the same infrastructure. We offer Quality of Service solutions to our customers, that are highly optimised for converged networks. Without Quality of Service solutions, some of your data is lost during the transport, other is delayed, third varies unacceptably.

E-CAPS Quality of Service solutions make sure that both calculated delay and bandwidth of your traffic are just the way you need them to be. We can adjust your communication so it favours any segment you need, from voice calls to desired bandwidth: whenever and whatever it is your call, and we have a Quality of Service solution for the call you make. We know how to develop and apply policies for your digital communication, so you do not have worry about the quality of service ever again. Contact us to find more on Quality of Service solutions E-CAPS can offer.