Network and server optimisation

In an electronic communication system, a server has a more demanding role than the rest of the elements that require services from the server. A server or a network can display proper behaviour, and yield ordinary signs of operation, but still be largely underutilised. Translated in terms of economy, such usage is a loss. E-CAPS offers optimisation of servers and networks to customers, a service that delivers the maximum capacity usage of a server or a network, so the loss is driven to a necessary minimum.

We know how to get the best performance from servers and networks, because we know just the right combination of building a server, designing and implementing a network, monitoring server's work, of maintenance required to keep the system running well, and of troubleshooting and add-ons necessary to get the features that the server or the network would not handle on their own.

E-CAPS can provide objectively measured optimisation solutions for your systems, tuning them as not only operational, but as highly optimised systems that deliver value through more than just pure functionality. Contact us and ask for benchmarking, statistics and trending data of your systems, and see how our tuning can optimise your servers and networks.